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How to unblock blocked friend requests on Facebook??

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How to unblock blocked friend requests on Facebook?? Empty How to unblock blocked friend requests on Facebook??

Post by Admin on Fri Mar 27, 2015 3:37 pm

Facebook is the most popular social networking website of the world. Facebook have many rules and regulations that a Facebook account holder must follow.Everyone want to make new friends on Facebook but some people send numerous friend requests to increase their friend circle. Everything has a certain limit. If we cross limit we have to pay for it. Facebook have its own algorithm to handle friend requests. According to it their is a limit in which a person can send friend requests. If the person exceeds the limit,he should be blocked to send further requests. But don’t worry friends today i am going to share you a trick by which you can easily unlock your blocked friend requests.

Unblock blocked friend requests

So to unblock ur friend requests just follow my simple step by step guide

Step 1.
go to facebook.com

Step 2.
How to unblock blocked friend requests on Facebook?? Click
Now do not login to your account, just click on forgot password.

Step 3.
Enter your email id to reset password .

Step 4.
Now just go to your email and change your password. Now login to your Facebook account with the new password. Now send a friend request. hurrey, your friend request is unblocked.

So that’s how we can easily bypass the facebook friend request blocking algoritm.|hope you like it, stay updated and follow our blog for latest updates.


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