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facebook keyboard shortcuts you must know?

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facebook keyboard shortcuts you must know? Empty facebook keyboard shortcuts you must know?

Post by Admin on Fri Mar 27, 2015 3:48 pm

Hi friends, welcome back to my blog. Everyone use shortcuts while working on a PC, because shortcuts are termed as ‘time savers’. Shortcuts speed up the work and makes a task easier.
Do you know YouTube, Facebook, Google + have their own keyboard shortcuts. By using these shortcut it become easier to navigate from one option to other. So today I am sharing the keyboard shortcuts for Facebook. so let’s start.

Alt key shortcuts (windows)

Alt+m: Compose a new message
Alt+1: Home page
Alt+2: Your profile page
Alt+3: Friend requests
Alt+4: Your messages
Alt+5: Notifications
Alt+6: Account page
Alt+7: Activity log

Ctrl key shortcuts (windows)

Ctrl + U View page source
Ctrl + G Search conversations
Ctrl + Q Show/hide keyboard shortcuts
Ctrl + Delete Archive/unarchive conversations
Ctrl + C Mark as spam
Q Search for a friend to chat with
P Focus on the text box when making a post
C Comment on a story in News Feed

J and K Scroll between News Feed stories

I Like or unlike a selected story

Keyboard shortcuts for MAC

Ctrl + Opt + 0 Help
Ctrl + Opt + 1 Home
Ctrl + Opt + 2 Timeline
Ctrl + Opt + 3 Friends
Ctrl + Opt + 4 Inbox
Ctrl + Opt + 5 Notifications
Ctrl + Opt + 6 Account Settings
Ctrl + Opt + 7 Privacy
Ctrl + Opt + 8 About
Ctrl + Opt + 9 Terms
Ctrl + Opt + M New Message

Note:- if you are using Firefox in your mac then use (function+ctrl) key

>so these are the Facebook shortcut for windows & MAC. Share the article if you like it & stay updated.


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